1 Jun 2016

Eight Companies That Switched to a New gTLD

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The first .COM domain name was registered in 1985 and since then, the .COM market has become a very crowded, with over 120mm .COM names currently registered. The emergence of new gTLDs gives companies another option when looking to either create or upgrade their web presence. Many businesses have opted to change to a new gTLD. Below, we have profile eight of those companies.


One of the most famous new gTLD acquisitions is Google's purchase of


. After restructuring in 2015, Google created a parent company called Alphabet, which is an umbrella company that houses all of Google's existing ventures and products.

This company needed a web presence, and a google.com/alphabet URL wouldn't suffice. BMW owns


, and ABC owns


, so Google opted for a new gTLD;


. The news of this rebrand did wonders for XYZ's marketing, and helped to promote the TLD amongst a wide audience base.

Nine months after rebranding,


has a global Alexa ranking of just over 44,000. Interestingly, since restructuring as Alphabet, Google's market cap has risen by $200 billion.


In little over a year, this brand has changed domain names twice. After initially using the subdomain


, this Meditech partner switched to


for an undisclosed fee. However, after just a few months, the brand changed again.

This time, they opted for the shorter


domain name, which cost them just $5,700 and was purchased from a domain investor that owns several other memorable .XYZ domains such as





The company may be using a new gTLD for their website, but their social media accounts still operate under the "ThinkEngage" username.


Recently, the news broke that one of the largest photography brands in the world had moved their web presence onto a new domain. This isn't a .XYZ domain or a .CLUB name, but rather it's the company's own .CANON TLD.

As of writing, the domain name


, which is used in many of Canon's advertising campaigns, redirects to


. According to a press release from Canon, this website is just one of many .CANON sites that are going to be released in the future.


Another big brand that has opted to change their online presence to their own new gTLD. The British multinational bank, which has assets totaling over $2 trillion, has moved from




, with another website developed on the similar home.barclaycard.

According to a statement when the change was announced, "The mission/purpose of the .barclays TLD is to provide an authoritative, intuitive and cohesive communications channel to Barclays Bank PLC".

For a large multinational bank, this move makes sense, and will hopefully reduce potential security problems surrounding online fraud and the Barclays brand.


Last year, a Chicago based agency announced that they had rebranded from




. The 20 year old company's move was profiled on Inc.com. Upshot's CEO, Brian Kristofek, told the website: “It’s fairly progressive right now to be doing this, but once domain names that are more creative and expressive catch on, everyone will be using them. For now, it paints us as progressive thinkers.”

The .NET is a great domain name, but


seems to work just as well in this case, as the new gTLD extension is descriptive and tells the potential user exactly what the company does. The domain Upshot.com is owned by Oracle, and so has probably never been available for sale.

Eric Block

An attorney from Jacksonville decided to change his online brand after hearing of the new .ATTORNEY domain extension. Having used


for a number of years, Eric decided to acquire



After launching the new website in March 2015, Mr Block's site became popular thanks to the increased search traffic and marketing from the name change. Within one month of launching, the new website showed up on the first page of search results for “Jacksonville Attorney”, according to



The domain name


is currently parked, and isn't owned by Mr Block.


We recently

spoke with Mike Ambrose

, COO of XYZ, who is responsible for the .CARS TLD. He told us that the reception of the .CARS extension by the automotive industry (along with .AUTO and .CAR) had surpassed his expectations. One such company that has adopted the .CARS extension is Quadriga.

This large Belgian automotive retailer had developed a site called


, but when the new .CARS gTLD was released, the company opted to switch to the domain


. For any car enthusiasts reading, they have a wide array of Ferraris on sale.

Numerical Recipes

This software company rebranded from a .COM domain. Can you guess the name? The company's original domain was


. Yes, this two-letter .COM domain name, which was originally registered in 1993, was home to this company for over 20 years. The demand from China saw the company sell the domain last year in what is likely to have been a seven figure sale.

Now, this company displays a basic website on a .RECIPES domain name; quite a step down from a two-letter .COM, but I'm sure that the money the company pocketed from the sale more than makes up for this.

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